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AirPods 3 have support for spatial audio, and with Dolby Atmos these place sound all around the user. The in-ear detection sensor automatically pauses playback when you take out either AirPod from your ear. Beamforming mics block out ambient noise in phone calls, focusing on your voice, and hands-free Hey Siri is supported too. Siri can also read important time-sensitive notifications to you, including alerts from Messages, Reminders, Calendar, and calls, as well as third party apps that adopt the specific API required.


Battery life is now rated at six hours from the earbuds themselves, with the case providing four additional full charges for a total of 30 hours. Additionally, there's fast charging - five minutes of charging provides about an hour of battery life.

The earbuds are now part of the Find My network of devices, offering proximity view in the Find My app and Lost Mode, as well as separation alerts and sounds.

APPLE AIRPODS 3 (MagSafe Version )

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