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Compatible with Freezer Model B3RMFNE314W1

Smoothfit hinges

The same width of the open refrigerator as the closed one

Smoothfit hinges ensure that the door opens without running. This saves space and allows you to have a refrigerator right next to the kitchen counter.



Protects fruits and vegetables from spoilage

The light mode of the HarvestFresh™ compartment replicates the alternation of sunlight and darkness throughout the day. This maintains the natural processes in fruits and vegetables, so more vitamins and flavor are preserved than if they were just closed in the dark. Stored fruits and vegetables do not spoil as quickly, their freshness lasts longer and this facilitates frequent shopping.


The possibility of turning the door opening

Choosing the door opening direction according to the needs of your kitchen

With Beko refrigerators, you can reverse the door opening direction by simply reversing the hinges. The refrigerator can thus be adapted to a different location at any time.


LED lighting

A perfect overview of the contents of the refrigerator

LED lighting, unlike a classic light bulb, has a brighter color of light, but also lower energy consumption, because it does not heat up.


Vacation mode

Power saving mode when you're on vacation

With the Holiday mode, the cooling part is switched off and only the freezer will run. Stocks will thus always remain with the ice, as well as the consumption of the refrigerator.


Safety glass

Extremely durable glass shelves

You no longer have to worry every time you place a large and heavy pot directly on the safety glass in the refrigerator. The safety shelves are made of tempered glass and have a load capacity of up to 25 kg. They resist cracks and scratches significantly better than untreated glass, so you can put heavy things away without worry.


H 186.5 x W 59.7 x D 70.9cm

Beko Larder Fridge No Frost Vacation Mode White 186cm. Model B3RMLNE444HW1

€889.00 Regular Price
€789.00Sale Price


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