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Tricolor anti-bacterial filters can remove dust and help you to breathe safely

Biological sterilization filter: Loaded with biological antibacterial active ingredients, it can precipitate bacterial protein to ensure excellent antibacterial effect.

Catechin filter: Catechin, also known as “tea polyphenol”, can prevent the proliferation of bacteria etc. to ensure advanced antibacterial effect.

Silver ion filter: It can encounter bacteria and react with it, which damages innate constituent or cause dysfunction of the microorganism.

Colasma air purification technology, achieving whole house purification by bacteria inhibition and deodorization.

Principle: Colasma air purification technology with sterilization rate of 93% in one hour.

Function: Dispel bacteria attached to household items

Air Purification

Efficient auto clean in 4 steps, healthier with pure air

Gree innovative evaporator auto clean technology and the process of condensing, frosting, sterilizing and defrosting enable the removal of dirt, keeping odor away and allowing you to breathe freely.

Gree Pular AC

Self Cleaning

Air outlet fully closed, dust free and easy to disassemble and clean.

Air outlet can be fully closed, which effectively prevents dust to enter The clasp design makes it easy to disassemble and clean to ensure cleaner air supply.

Easy Cleaning

3D airflow around and comfort everywhere.

Left & right swing function available in full range of products.

Meticulous Care

7 fan speeds to suit various needs.

Fan speeds can be adjusted by a remote control. Turbo fan speed can instantly change the room temperature, enabling you to feel the coolness immediately, while quiet fan speed enables you to enjoy the comfortable temperature.

I-FEEL, customizing the optimum temperature in every where

When I-Feel function is turned on, the remote control automatically sends the detected ambient temperature to the air conditioner every 10 minutes to regulate the ”temperature difference” for increasing comfort while ensuring more efficient operation.

Simple installation and maintenance

Quick mainboard disassembly design enables easy disassembly and maintenance by opening the panel only

Air outlet is easy to remove for cleaning

English installation scale is available; clasp is enlarged to increase the pipe connection space to supply convenient installation.

Integrated overhead filter can be disassembled directly for cleaning, no need to disassemble the unit.

Comprehensive anti-corrosion protection for a long service life

Evaporator and condenser with gold fins offer strong salt tolerance and acid resistance

New angled U-shaped tube self-sealing and anti-corrosion design enables more effective anti-corrosion.

Three proofing (dust-prof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion) glue coatings are available for the PCB of the indoor unit.

Safe and reliable

Phosphate treatment is made for the motor to prevent salt spray corrosion effectively.

Sheet metal parts of the outdoor unit are sprayed with polyester powder for protection to relieve acid rain corrosion.

Auto start function Enjoy your worry-free life.

In case of sudden power cut during operation, the unit can save the operating state before power failure; when the power in automatically recovered, the air conditioner will automatically start and maintain the operating state before power failure.

Installation of up to 4 metres of copper and one single Wall drilling is included

Extra metres – €24 per metre

Ceiling Drilling – €60

Dismantling of old unit – €25

All the above are payable directly to the installer on the day if needed

A power outlet in the vicinity of the installation point must be prepared prior Installation

Residential Warranty

5 Years Parts and Labour

7 Years on the compressor part

Commercial Warranty

5 Years Parts and Labour (Comprehensive warranty subject to the Maintenance Agreement)

7 Years on the compressor part

UKAS Quality Management NCPE MCCAA

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