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Bringing seamless style to your kitchen interior and boasting a generous 25 litres of cooking capacity, this built-in microwave is the ideal cooking companion. With 5 power levels and 8 auto-cook menu items to choose from, preparing your food will be effortless. And, when you fancy a healthier cooking alternative, this model's grill functions can add a deliciously crispy finish to your favourite microwave meals.


Technical characteristics Modelo Tipo Microondas de encastre con Grill Control panel Temporizador digitally programmable Digital programmer Functions of cooking grill Auto-Cocción Functions 9 Combined cooking functions Function descongelación Levels of power of Microondas 5 Grill power levels 4 Cavidad Volume de la cavidad, L 25 Acero inoxidable Characteristics principals Luz interior Start quickly Pantalla digital Technical information Potencia microondas, W 900 Potencia Grill, W 1000 Entrada eléctrica, V / Hz 230 / 50 Dimensions Product dimensions (Al x A x F), mm 388 x 595 x 400 Dimensions of the Nicho (Al x A x F), mm 382 x 568 x 500 Datos de interés Marca del Fabricante Grundig Manufacturer reference GMI 12311 B Code EAN 4013833043799




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