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3 Yr Warranty

Grundig Multifunction Oven with Pyrolytic Cleaning System



Eco Pyrolytic Cleaning

About 70% of the dirt inside an oven is due to splashes or vapors during cooking. 30% is due to spills of fatty substances and sugar. Pyrolysis is a method of self-cleaning that brings the temperature inside the oven to about 480°C and eliminates all dirt by carbonizing it.


The cold door consists of 4 overlapping glasses: The two internal glasses are treated with a heat-reflective coating that reduces the heat inside the cavity. The cold door ensures that even during the pyrolysis cycle at 480°C the effective temperature of the furnace door does not exceed 70°C.

Removable counter-door crystal

Grundig ovens are equipped with an easily disassembled crystal counter door by removing the supuerior profile of the counter-door itself.

Interior lighting with 2 halogen lamps

Grundig ovens are equipped with energy-efficient halogen interior lighting. Some models mount a double lighting to offer better internal visibility.


ColourStainless Steel


Capacity Ltr70



Grundig Multifunction Oven with Pyrolytic Cleaning System. MODEL GEBM34000XP

€749.00 Regular Price
€689.08Sale Price


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