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GREE Clivia air conditioner – the perfect blend of innovation and style! Designed to elevate your indoor comfort experience, the Clivia is packed with cutting-edge features that set it apart from the competition.

With AI-technology integrated into its system, the Clivia is the first residential air conditioner in the world that learns from your preferences and adjusts its settings accordingly. Whether you want to cool down quickly or maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day, the Clivia has got you covered.

But that’s not all! The Clivia comes equipped with a range of other features that make it a must-have for any modern home. Its sleek and stylish design ensures that it complements any decor, while its powerful cooling system quickly brings down the temperature to keep you cool and comfortable.

With its energy-efficient operation and user-friendly controls, the Clivia is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance air conditioning solution. So why wait? Experience the future of indoor comfort today with the GREE Clivia air conditioner!

Using more, leaning more, saving more

Clivia is the first air conditioner in the world to be equipped with a G-AI System, i.e. an artificial intelligence system.

Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, Clivia learns the end user’s air conditioner usage habits in order to optimize energy savings and guarantee comfort in every corner of the room. Clivia can save up to 10% of energy consumption per year!

The AI algorithm can retrieve information online while also studying the current ambient temperature, humidity, room size and other factors and actively adjusts the control strategy and the operation mode of the air conditioner to keep the environment in a dynamically comfortable state.

Air quality

Double Sterilizing Air Conditioner

UVC ultraviolet light has been scientifically proven to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms by damaging their genetic material. This results in a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. The UVC sterilization function of air conditioners can be enhanced by cold plasma technology. This technology adds absorption and sterilization capabilities to the air conditioner, making it impossible for bacteria and viruses to survive. This ensures comprehensive maintenance of indoor air quality.

Clivia offers comprehensive health protection through a range of healthy functions. Its innovative evaporator auto-clean technology, as well as the processes of condensing, frosting, sterilizing, and defrosting effectively remove dirt, eliminate odors, and ensure that you can breathe freely

Multiple Healthy Protections

Clivia is equipped with a variety of healthy functions that offer comprehensive protection for your overall well-being both inside and out.

Integrated overhead filter

Cold plasma

Air outlet fully-closed design for dust prevention

Washable air outlet

Various healthy filters (Catechin, Silver Ion, Acaro bacterium & Vitamin C, Formaldehyde removal, Chitin)

Smart humidity control

This is the first time that Gree has integrated temperature, humidity, and energy efficiency variables to form the optimal temperature and humidity curve for the human body, while also promoting energy savings. This allows for the selection of the most comfortable humidity range, resulting in simultaneous comfort and energy conservation for the user.

In addition to smart humidity control, Clivia can also operate according to the humidity set by the user, making it considerate for accommodating all individual preferences.

Clothes drying function

Clivia is specially designed with a continuous dehumidification function that can meet the daily need for drying clothes. Users don’t need to have a separate dehumidifier at home as the air conditioner can do both cooling and clothes drying.

Intelligent functions

Smart Voice Control To Free Your Hands

Clivia supports smart voice control and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With voice commands, controlled through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it allows for the enjoyment of an intelligent lifestyle without the need for a remote control, anywhere in the house.

Power Reduction Function

Clivia can reduce power consumption through the use of combination buttons. In low-watt mode 1, power is reduced to below 75%, and in low-watt mode 2, it is reduced to below 50% without affecting comfort levels.

Wifi Bluetooth Efficient Networking

Clivia has efficient Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking capabilities, which allow it to automatically connect to networks and locate nearby devices. This improves the success rate of networking and simplifies the process, increasing the convenience and reliability of the product when compared to traditional Wi-Fi connections.

Residential Warranty

5 Years Parts and Labour

GREE Clivia 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner | A+++ | Wi-Fi Smart Control | R3

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