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3 Yr Warranty

Although compact in size, this multi-function oven is feature-rich, offering 37 pre-programmed recipes that automatically determine the cooking function, temperature and duration for your dish. You can cook food up to 50% quicker with the Fast Cook function, which delivers delicious results at the speed of a microwave. And, the model’s ergonomic touch control text LCD timer make it a stylish addition to any kitchen.


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Fast Cook Oven

Combining all the benefits of a traditional oven with the high speed of a microwave, Grundig’s Fast Cook oven can cook up to 50% faster than a standard oven, without compromising on quality or flavour. By essentially offering two appliances in one, this technology can also save valuable counter space, making it an ideal option for smaller kitchens.

Chef Assist Programme

Offering a choice of pre-programmed recipes, the intuitive Chef Assist programme automatically selects the correct temperature, duration and cooking function for your selected recipe. It’ll even tell you which oven shelf the dish should be placed on, for complete cooking accuracy.

Booster Function

Ideal for when you’re in a rush, the booster function will rapidly heat up the oven to save valuable time and help you start cooking straight away.

Cool Touch Door

Four layers of glass ensure that the temperature of the oven door does not exceed 70°C, even when the heat inside the oven reaches 500°C.

Grundig 45cm Compact Multi-Function Oven with Microwave. MODEL GEKW47000B

€950.00 Regular Price
€874.00Sale Price


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