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Immerse yourself in it all with this feature-rich Ambilight TV! You get a great picture, realistic Dolby Atmos sound and smooth gaming too. Whatever you watch or play, Ambilight dials up the thrills — for a TV night like no other.

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4K Ambilight TV

Great-value Ambilight TV

126 cm (50″) Ambilight TV

Pixel Precise Ultra HD

Titan OS smart platform

Dolby Atmos sound

The One with immersive Ambilight.

Ambilight TVs are the only TVs with integrated LED lights on the back that react to what you watch, immersing you in a halo of colourful light. This changes everything: your TV seems bigger, and you’ll be drawn deeper into your favourite sports, films, music and games.

Vibrant viewing with an ultra-sharp picture.

Love everything you watch on this 4K (UHD) LED Ambilight TV. The Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine optimises picture quality to deliver ultra-sharp images, rich colours and smooth motion. You get the best possible viewing experience every time.

The One with TITAN OS.

Finding what you love is quick and easy with our TITAN OS smart TV platform. Enjoying a series? You can continue watching straight from the home screen. If you’re looking for something new, you can browse categories like action or drama and see suggestions from the top streaming services—all in one place.

Dolby Atmos for cinematic sound.

Dolby Atmos pulls you in deeper by placing sound effects in the space around and above you. Whether it’s spaceships flying overhead or quiet footsteps sneaking up from behind, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.


Ready for gaming. VRR and low input lag on any console.

HDMI VRR lets you get the best from your console, with fast gameplay and smooth graphics. Low-input-lag setting activates automatically when you turn on your console. Ambilight’s gaming mode makes the thrills feel bigger.

Philips 4K Ambilight TV – 50PUS8079

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