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4K Ambilight TV

Lifelike. Immersive. Gorgeous.

194 cm (77″) Ambilight TV

P5 AI perfect picture engine

Google TV™

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

Immerse yourself in what you love. Ambilight TV.

Ambilight TVs are the only TVs with integrated LED lights on the back that react to what you watch, immersing you in a halo of colourful light. It changes everything: your TV seems bigger, and you’ll be drawn deeper into your favourite sports, films, music and games.

Whatever you watch, a picture so real. P5 engine with AI

Philips P5 processor with AI delivers a picture so real it feels like you could step right into it. A deep-learning AI algorithm processes images in a manner similar to the human brain. No matter what you’re watching, you get lifelike detail and contrast, rich colour and smooth motion.

Entertainment you love, with a little help from Google

What do you want to watch? Google TV brings together films, shows and more from across your apps and subscriptions, and organises them just for you. You’ll get suggestions based on what you like, and you can even use the Google TV app on your phone to curate your watchlist on the go.

Philips Wireless Home System powered by DTS Play-Fi

Philips Wireless Home System with DTS Play-Fi lets you connect to compatible soundbars and wireless speakers around your home in seconds. Listen to films in the kitchen. Play music anywhere. You can even create a home-cinema surround-sound system using your Ambilight TV as a central speaker.

Epic gaming. 144 Hz*, ultra-low lag, G-sync, VRR, FreeSync.

Play without limits and immerse yourself in OLED’s incredible realism! HDMI 2.1, a blazing-fast 120 Hz native refresh rate and ultra-low input lag bring fluid, responsive gameplay, super-smooth natural motion and great-looking graphics. Ambilight’s gaming mode brings even bigger thrills and, if you’re gaming on a PC, you can enjoy 144 Hz VRR via HDMI.

Cinematic vision and sound. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on board, your films, shows and games look and sound incredible. See the picture the director wanted you to see. No more disappointing scenes that are too dark to make out! Hear every word clearly. Experience sound effects like they’re really happening around you.

Bring IMAX home. IMAX Enhanced certified.

Welcome to Hollywood! Your Philips OLED TV lets you experience the full impact of films originally made to play in IMAX cinemas. Be immersed in a far greater sense of scale. See more in every scene. Combined with Ambilight, you’re in for a film night to remember

Philips OLED 4K Ambilight TV – 77OLED819

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