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2 Years Warranty Parts & Labour

  • Max capacity: 9 Kg

  • 5% more efficient than class A+++

  • Flat Design
  • Silent Program
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 600 x 850 x 600 mm


Energy efficiency class A +++ – 5%
5% more efficient than class A +++
Save time and respect the environment by consuming less electricity *. The Heat Pump technology combined with the Digital Inverter compressor offers a more efficient, convenient and delicate solution for drying laundry and, by heating the air with a specific “refrigerant” instead of electricity, it avoids unnecessary waste of energy. 5% more efficient than class A +++.

Smart sensors
AI Dry
Discover the benefits of quick and precise drying *, which does not attack fabrics and reduces energy consumption by 10% **. The intelligent sensors of the AI Dry program monitor the humidity and temperature of the load in real time, automatically calibrating and optimizing the performance of the dryer. In this way AI Dry always guarantees the best solution between speed and lower energy consumption.

Less time, more care for the garments
QuickDrive ™
Spend less time drying and take care of your clothes. By activating the QuickDrive ™ function, times are reduced by 35%, resulting in electricity savings. Unlike traditional dryers, this model uses a Digital Inverter compressor to automatically adjust the speed based on the internal temperature and the fabrics to be preserved.

The smart dryer like you
AI Control
With AI Control, the dryer is equipped with artificial intelligence that learns from your habits, adapts to your preferences and immediately offers you the programs and options you use most frequently. In addition, with the SmartThings app, the dryer communicates with the washing machine by directly setting the ideal drying program based on the washing cycle that has just ended.

5 Kg Dry in 81 minutes
Do you need dry clothes ready to wear in just 2 hours, but do you want to avoid excessive consumption? Combine the Quick Eco-drying program that dries 5 kg of mixed cotton and synthetic fabrics in just 81 minutes *, with the Quick Eco-wash program of the BESPOKE AI ™ washing machines, which washes and spins in 39 minutes *. Garments washed and dried in just 2 hours!

Less Noise
Do your laundry without disturbing the neighbors or waking the family in the middle of the night. The BESPOKE AI ™ Silent Dry dryer can count on an integrated noise reduction system, with sound absorbing materials and the Silent program with an algorithm that optimizes the rotation speed to reduce noise to only 59 dB *.

Dry and sanitized garments
The sanitizing program eliminates bacteria, mites and allergens from the fibers of even the most delicate fabrics, such as linen and children’s toys. Through the gentle force of heat it eliminates 99% of bacteria *. The program works equally on both dry and wet garments ** without compromising drying performance.

Maximum flexibility
Reversible door
Quickly and easily customize the door opening direction according to your needs and the space available for your dryer. Get maximum comfort based on your washing and drying habits. In addition, thanks to the practical transparent door, you can check your clothes in the dryer in an instant.

Wrinkle-free garments
Easy ironing
Eliminates the formation of creases from fabrics, without using an iron. Thanks to the Easy Iron function, once the drying cycle is over, the drum performs intermittent movements for 180 minutes, smoothing the folds from the fabrics. This prevents garments from staying in the same position for too long and prevents fabric creasing for ready-to-wear garments.

Performing and reliable
Digital Inverter technology
The Digital Inverter technology uses solid magnets that allow you to obtain the desired results in an effective and silent way *, while consuming less energy than traditional motors. The DI engine boasts the longest warranty on the market **: 20 years.

Beauty that lasts over time
Tempered glass door
The dryer door is made of tempered glass to keep it looking flawless for longer, despite all the stresses it is subjected to. Solid and durable, this material tends to crack and scratch less than plastic, ensures an elegant look and allows you to see inside better.

Dry as you want
SmartThings Home Life
Turn drying into a personalized, efficient and hassle-free experience with the SmartThings app *. By analyzing your habits **, the “Clothing Care” option recommends the ideal cycle to set ***. “Energy” helps you to manage energy with a holistic approach. And “Home Care” keeps the dryer in top condition at all times.

Dries better, consumes less
Optimal Dry
Optimize drying performance effortlessly! Optimal Dry technology offers you unsurpassed results, thanks to its 3 sensors that monitor humidity and regulate drying time: your laundry will be ready quickly and with minimal energy expenditure. In addition, it prevents the fabrics from being damaged and reminds you to clean the heat exchanger.

Simple maintenance
2 in 1 filter
Caring for your tumble dryer and optimizing its performance and safety has never been easier. The innovative 2in1 filter combines two filters in a single solution, eliminating waste of time and energy. Easier to clean, it always guarantees excellent performance. Plus, two alarms notify you when it’s time to clean the filter and heat exchanger.

Refresh your clothes
Air Refresh
Refresh your clothes without washing them and using detergent. Air Refresh technology is the secret to always having maximum hygiene and a pleasant fresh smell on your laundry. Simply using a jet of hot air removes odors from fabrics to make them fresher for longer

Dry in record time
Quick 35 ‘
Make sure your favorite outfit is dry and ready to wear in record time. With the Rapido 35 ‘program you get up to 1 kg of dry laundry in just 35 minutes *. Your favorite dress or shirt will always be ready when you decide.


Samsung BESPOKE AI™ SilentDry Tumble Dryer, 9Kg A+++. Model DV90BB9445GBS3

€1,299.00 Regular Price
€1,199.00Sale Price


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